Better Friends #2

Chapter 2:

The next day….        “Aria! Time to get up! Mummy and Daddy have to go somewhere, and you will go to daycare. OK?” , Chelsea said gently. “Mommy, where are you going?” , Aria asked after she stretched. “Mommy and I are going to work, like usual.” said Jared coming into the room. He left to make breakfast for Aria. Chelsea dressed Aria and took her to the ACTUAL dining room table (They got it at a garage sale from their neighbor.). They finished breakfast and sent Aria to daycare and went to work. They didn’t have a job.YET. Apparently, they were going to a job interview. After the job interview, they went to pick up Aria.

Chapter 3:

Aria was back at home crying and all dirty and and wearing a pale pink RIPPED dirt smeared dress. “What happened, honey? I’ll get you a new dress, ok?” , Chelsea asked. “*sob sob* A *hic hic* big boy pushed me into a *hic hic* mud*hic*puddle!*SOB* (SPLISH-SPLASH! A PUDDLE OF TEARS!Anybody got a umbrella down here? I’m soaked!) Really?*hic hic* A dress? New? Yay!!!*HIC*”Aria tried her best to talk between hics. Now it was time for them to eat. It was Korean style food. Soon,enough it was time for them to sleep.Or not. Instead, they let Aria play for 15 minutes on the new swing-and-slide set.

see the 4th and 5th chapters soon!(New personal word count record!232 words.)

One Reply to “Better Friends #2”

  1. I like how your story’s developing Gloria. But… it could use more adventure. Also, try using the indent trick from before. It will make it seem more organized.
    I have an idea: (you don’t even have to look at it if you don’t want to)
    It was almost Aria’s birthday. Chelsea and Jared were quite puzzled on what they should give her, so they decided to ask her.
    “What would you you like to have for your birthday?” Chelsea asked her one day. Aria didn’t think twice about replying.
    “Barbies!” she exclaimed giddily, waving her beloved Fashionista Barbie in the air. Chelsea smiled and walked away to tell Jared.
    CONTINUED… by you.
    PS: my suggestion is sorta like an intro. It’s not like you have to use it or anything. Just an idea. 😀
    – Carol Li

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