Christmas Eve Eve!!

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Which means the Evening before Christmas Eve! Which means the Evening before Christmas. Which people probably all know. Anyways, that means CHRISTMAS IS NEARING! AND SCHOOL WILL BE STARTING BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!! Oh damn.

SOOOOO, uh. Yeaah. Um, I’m currently working on three different stories. One for Language Arts, one for Music (to create some kind of BGM for), and one for this blog. You know, ‘Reincarnation (Miracle)’, I’m currently working on the fourth installment. Ain’t that great? No? Alright.

Christmasssssss. Oh well. There is only 1 and a half days until it comes. …. I think I just forgot something important. Well, somewhat important. I still dunno. I probably still dunno. OH WELL. Right.

I have to go now. So, uh, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Goodnight! ;D

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