Early Year REVIEW ~ ahahaha

This post is to see if I have anymore last words. JUST KIDDING!! I mean like, this post is for me to see if I had achieved any of my resolutions for this year. Except earlier. So, uh, HERE WE GO!
1. Yeah I studied before this year…
2. …. Nope.ahahahahahaa
3. I think I called that off. Yeah. I called that off.
4. I can’t type without looking at the keyboard. I’m probably looking at the keyboard right now.
5. … I dunno about this one..
6. Dunno either.
7. I… think so.
8. Nope!
9. I dunno.
10. Yes. And by the way, I actually got better on the Abel test that school year.

And on January 1st 2015 you will find out what I want to work on in 2015. And I’ll probably be ranting on about being old when I am the 3rd youngest in my class and 2nd youngest in my household. Well then, see you on Christmas or maybe before that. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

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