Christmas Eve – I’m in a hurry!

Eyyy there! I’m back again! It’s been like, four days in a row! That means something! I have way too much time in my hands!!! It’s not a bad thing, I promise. It’s a very good thing to humans whom are normal. Which I most certainly am, normal that is. Well if I am not normal then something not too far from that.

Not to sound greedy or anything but I want something interesting for Christmas. Or something interesting to happen. That does not have anything to do with school. If only. But then again, anything interesting that happens, only happens at school, or has something to do with school. Argh. I’m sick of it.

SO. What do you want for Christmas? Comment to share! Just kidding. You can if you want to. But, I don’t really care. About what you want, unless it concerns me, that is. Yep.

I’ll be going now. To finish what needs to be finished. Adieu!

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