Congrats! and Update

Heeeyyyy! I’m back. Yesterday was the last day of skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb! So, on the first day I was in Novice, and the other two weeks, I WAS IN INTERMEDIATE!! Yaay! At Whistler/Blackcomb, the levels are like this; the first level is Beginner, followed by (in order of skill) Novice, Intermediate, and lastly, Advanced. Novice and Intermediate are the longest levels to get past. So, next year, if I go, I would go to Intermediate. Congrats!

Also… did you realize we just went though the first month of 2015? BECAUSE I JUST DID! Why do I sound so enthusiastic? Well, actually, right now, I don’t look really enthusiastic. I probably have a poker face, I have earbuds in, and I’m just sitting there, typing. Not the most exciting way to be typing really happily. I don’t really show my expression to something when I am looking at the computer. Most of the time.
Anyways, congrats, you survived.

I’m definitely not going to survive February. Why? On the second of February, I have to go to the dentist, to get fill in my cavities. Don’t worry, I only have two to fill on that day. … I didn’t think you’d care! jkjk.

Anyways, I’ll just go freak out in this tiny corner off to this side… I’ll get going. Bye!

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