I get to go skiing tomorrow!

I guess skiing counts as a sport. Actually it is! Because it’s in the Olympics. Ahahahhaa. I had forgotten about it being a sport, but then again, since wasn’t it a sport? Well, probably when it was first introduced to human beings.
Anyways, this a school trip to Whistler Blackcomb. The intermidiate students get to go on every Friday for three weeks, staring tomorrow. We’re supposed to be at the school and loading into the bus as early as 5:45 am!! Which means I should get up at 5:00am. Oooooooooh daaaaaaaaaamn. Ooooooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaan. Whatever. I won’t be alone at least. You know how much I hate being alone. I DO like being babied by my friends. But, the bad part is that next week I have to sit alone due to my friend is sitting with my other friend that week, because there are 3 of us friends, and 2 kids per 2 seats. Ehehehe.
So, uh. I’ll have to get going on my homework, got lots more time on the bus too, but I gotta finish my math before!! I can write my novel on the bus because it is more boring. No offence, teach.

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