More on Hip-Hop

Hip hop performance tomorrow. Arrrgh. Dress rehearsal early morn tomorrow. Great, right? The days are soooooooooo fast. Meeehh. My performance is the first PERFORMANCE. Blargh.  My dance, as I’ve been saying in my other recent posts, is really fast-ish. And, I think we, YEAH. We are supposed to wear SEIGAKU colours!!!!!! Which are blue, red, white, and black. You can also wear grey. Instead of black. But, whatever, I LIKE BLACK. MORE THAN GREY.

OMG. Kuma, so pretty!!! Okay, never mind that. Oh, dear. My sister and cousin is coming to watch, and they are lucky because they have Pro-D day. Oh, I have to go now. BYE!!!!!

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