The First Day

So, on Friday, September 6th, 2013, I went to my grade 5 teacher! My grade 5 teacher is different than most of the the grade 5’s. It’s Mrs. Millar!! Only 7 OTHER grade 5’s were with me. For one of my “friends” they are: Blake, Kishan, Marc, Luke, Ellianna, Zoe, and me!! It’s a grade 5/6 split class. The other 5 class is Ms. Daum. She teaches 4/5 split. There are more grade 5’s in her class. I seriously am happy that the grade 5’s I don’t really like or absolutely not like are in the other class. I don’t know why my friends care so much about their class, or whatever class they want to be in. It’s weird.

Anyways… Tenimyu! I don’t know why but, there is like a person on Youtube that uploaded what I wanted to see. Dream Live 2013. Like the full thing!!! Not that others wanted to know. I DO!! Okay, just…. I don’t know anymore…. XDXD. Why don’t the anime shops here in BC have Prince of Tennis??? Or the MUSICAL????? Sigh…

My lists are not that interesting. Yes, I realize. I really suck at making interesting lists. Most of the songs I like are like basically not English or something. I like other songs not in English, BECAUSE, English songs are too not musical. The other ones are more… One of a kind. Like Prince of Tennis random songs!! Or the Prince of Tennis musical songs!!! They are like sooo good! In my opinion!!! I somehow sound like I’m talking about food. Like when someone is talking about how good their food is. Like, “OMG!!! This insert food that is actually good tastes really good!!! You’ve got to try it!” Sort of thing.

I just realized that this is basically me whining about how things aren’t as awesome as I think. Like why do the anime shops don’t have Prince of Tennis merchandise or the manga or the sequel here in CANADA???

And school. I have a white binder I think I would get dirty REALLY FAST. And like… 6 DUO-TANGS!!! It’s called, I NEVER USED A BINDER BEFORE BUT I KNOW HOW TO USE ONE. I like “spamming” about a CERTAIN FANDOM. Yes, it’s THE Prince of Tennis.

Hmmph. I’m BORED, ONCE AGAIN. I think I’ll just watch some Tenimyu. AGAIN. Well, I’ll just get to that. Adieu~!

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