It’s just me

Hi it’s me. I’m back!! Sooo, stuff has happened. My ping pong skills have leveled up, but I still have a lot of room left for improvement, if you watched me play you would most likely agree that I have lots to work on. Enough about that, SCHOOL. the place that brings the most stress. People you meet there, conversations through writing, work you do, friends, and people that happen to be around you. At the moment I am very confused. Too many questions left from October 31st. ARGHHHHHH. I really don’t know what to do. I’m not really asking for any help, I just want to reveal things indirectly, so I can release some stress by aggressively typing down some facts about something REALLY confusing. Well, it may not for you, but it does for me. One more thing about the topic, why should it be me?
Moving on. What other things are causing me stress? I really don’t know. Wait. I think I got one. Does my younger brother count? He doesn’t listen to me when I try to educate him, but I guess he isn’t at the age to know what I am talking about. But does he have to go straight to violence when he gets a little too agitated? Again, I am not asking for help; just letting some steam out.
For me, when I forget everything that is causing me stress, I listen to music, play ping pong, or talk to my sister in the middle of the night. Sorry mom and dad, just needed some advice from my sister, hehe…  I want to talk about music!! The kind of music I like is electric-ish music (not a song), songs I like are preferably sung by one of my idols, or electric, or, traditional chinese songs/music, or piano. From electrical to classic, hey? What a wide range of music genres.
Tomorrow…. I have safety patrol earlier in the morning, and then later after school, then extra ping pong class to catch up. Kind of busy… compared to normal days.
I have a couple of questions:
1) Am I spoiled?
2) Why me?
3) Can I get any better at ping pong?
That’s it. Yeah… Hmm… WOAH. Quite a long post today, hey? I guess it’s the music helping me. That sounds somewhat poetic. It’s not supposed to be either way. Anyways, gotta go!! See you!

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