hey, it’s you-probably-know-who-is-back

Heyyy!! I’m back!! So. It’s DECEMBER!!! I got my report card 5 days ago. I got satisfying grades. 7 A’s, 4 B’s, 10 G’s, 1 S. Ahahahahahhaaaaaa. See? S is for satisfactory. Ahahaha, so funny, I know right! But it is kind of true. Despite my bad puns, it’s okay.

Coming up next, CHRISSSSSSSTMASSSSSSSSSSS! OMG, I can’t wait. Actually I can. Because once Christmas is over, we all will know that school is less than a week away. Ain’t that just great? IKR.

Okay, so the reason there hasn’t been any story posts, is because I haven’t gotten any of the patience of writing for the past bit of times I have been sitting here typing up a story post. So, uh, sorry for being lazy. yeah.
I’m gonna end it right there. byee!

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