Hi-Sky ~ A bit here and there

Swish! The door to the large oval mall that overlooked a large national park slammed shut. The boy walked around and looked at his surroundings as the other humans looked at him in disgust. Why? Because he was a unaffected human. But he was going to be the king in a few months. Yes, it was Kgol.

Kgol didn’t know what would become of him but he thought it would be well. It would, But what he didn’t know was that he’d have to be a programmed to be the king of the world. The people controlling him would be the mindful(ness) counsel. The people that control people are not programmed. They are just pure evil.

“It’s the unaffected human that is to be the king in 4 months! Why is such a low-life becoming king? Ugh..” A programmed human spat out in disgust.
Kgol spun around and smiled menacingly at the human.
“Ugh! And this one has attitude!” The programmed human glared back with twice the hate in its eyes.
Kgol walked on.

Kgol returned to his new home only to be welcomed by the sight of his parents lying on the floor of the domed house, severely stabbed in the back, SEVERAL TIMES.
“…whaahaa?” Kgol spluttered and made a dash to his parents sides to see if there was any chance they were still alive. But, no. They seemed to be dead for about an hour or so.

Kgol was lead to the current king’s quarters as he rubbed his eyes free from tears before he was being presented before the king.
“Sir? The King requests your presence.”

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