School has ended. Yay. One less thing to worry about. But then more worries will just appear. Like going to the dentist, whom I detest very much. I also gained another job from my mom to my classmates to help her little sister, but first I need to get her email from her friend, so I have her friend’s email, so I emailed her to ask for her email, but she hasn’t responded yet. And when she gives me her email, I have to email her for her phone number, in which I will give to my mom, to phone her mom, to give her a phone number. ALL THAT TROUBLE. FOR A SINGLE PHONE NUMBER. Well, technically, it is for her younger sister. So, uh, never mind then.

So, it’s Christmas in 5 days. OMG, right? I’ll probably type a post on Christmas. And make a small list. Of what I got. To show off. Not really. I have yet to spam my classmates inbox. I shall be off. Goodbye for now!!

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