Great. Dancing is GREAT. My dance is like sooo freakishly fast. Got to have it perfected by Friday at 1:15. By then, EVERYTHING WILL BE STARTING. It’s like, OH MY GOSH! If I’m sassy, which I’m CERTAINLY NOT. You get my point right? Good. It’s like, WHY?! JUST BECAUSE WE ARE IN GRADE 5/6, DOESN’T WE CAN DO EVERYTHING JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER OR SUPERBLY FASTER THAN THE GRADE 3 DANCE!!!! THE OTHER GRADE 5 CLASS HAS GRADE 4’S IN IT SO I’M GUESSING THEY GET IT EASIER. OH MY GOD, THAT’S LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOO UNFAIR. WHY AM I LIKE THIS? O LORD, WHY THE HECK DID I END UP LIKE THIS???? NOOOOOOO. The dance time and day is not so far from now. Always remember, I AM BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.  Gloria, BREATHE. Thank you.

Anyways. I have PREP. It’s Catholic classes from 7:00 pm to 8:00pm. It REALLY sucks. My two classmates also go to PREP. The boy, called Justin, is in my PREP class. The girl, Ellianna, is in the other class, B. I’m in class A like Justin. Ellianna is, somehow, in B. I wish she was in the same class as me to actually start/begin with. And I have to go very soon. So, I’ll just end it here, and when I come back, I’ll work on the incoming new series that I believe will be QUITE long. Like each chapter, is longer than this post by a little bit.
So, I’ll be going. Ja ne!

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