I have my reasons

Sooo. The reason why I type so many of the personal life posts, is because I’m currently typing another story with 2 slightly long chapters. I’m working on the second chapter. It’ll be posted in.. a couple days???? I don’t know.

School. I have school tomorrow. And my school is starting this every year thing called ‘Hip-hop’ and you dance. Obviously. And the classes have perform in front of parents and teachers. I think. I think the performance day is on the 20th of September 2013 (XDXD). My cousin, my sister, and my brother (who doesn’t go to school yet), want to go ( at least my sister wants to…) The thing is, that on the 20th, my sister and my cousin have a Pro-D Day, so they don’t have to go to school. I do. I don’t really care. WHY DON’T I CARE ABOUT SCHOOL? Well, because I am the one and only Gloria. Beat it.

Crrrap. I just felt like typing that, so don’t ask me. I just realized (Yes, I realize a lot of stuff these days) that in my book reports section, I only have one post on like this weird story. I still don’t understand book reports.

My mom says I need to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. She says I type fast even though I need to (I don’t really NEED) type without looking at the keyboard. Blehg. I don’t care anymorrre.

I’ll just continue listening to beautiful Prince of Tennis songs. Ja na!

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