It’s fine, right?

Yes. It probably is. What is fine? My lack of inspiration to write more stories. Ahh, what happened to that, right?It’s probably the weird things happening and worries of random things are probably going through my head right now. And later. So basically, when I feel down, I can’t write anything, and can’t really have ideas and comprehend them.

So, anyways. Christmas is in 4 days. Yaaaaaaaaay. I’m actually happier than you think I am. I’m feeling Christmassy because I am currently snacking on a candy cane. Without anyone’s permission. Oh well. When Christmas is over I will be worrying over other things that happen over the next week or so. Like going to the dentist, cavities (possibly), and New Year’s Dinner with my parents’ friends. Oh damn. Must become a model student. JKJK. I can’t do that no matter how hard will try, so I won’t even give it a chance.

Listening to K-pop and typing stories is actually a good combination. Why? Because k-pop ┬áis different and changes every second. And stories are like that. They change a lot. But right now I am not writing any stories. Oh well. I’ll just write some stories some other time. So, uh, bye. I’ll see you sometime again through this week. Byeeeee!

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