intense working

Hi. I’m back. “intense working’ because that is what I have been doing for the past 2 hours and probably counting. I’ve been working on my story for school, and I have only written about 4 full pages and is currently on my fifth page today. but I have a total of 7 pages. I am on part 6-7 of my story.
It has been a pretty good day so far with my brother giving me the little feelings of wanting to squish his super chubby cheeks, and cuteness. Also my sister was in a good mood today, so she decided to give me some music. Ohhhh yaaaaaasss! eheheheheh.
Also, I’m still superbly confused. Not just about those once a month emails, but about work, dentists, and eye doctors. Does that count as stress? I don’t really know.
Is it bad for me to be thinking about being almost 12 years old, and that at the end of this year I will have my grad hoodie thing? I feel old when I see my school website thing say stuff about Kindergarten Registration for children born in 2010. Ahahahaaa. I feel like I haven’t done anything useful when I realize I have listened to Kpop for the past 20 minutes, and anime music for the first 2 and a half hours. But I have been typing and writing my novel thing in that time period. I just don’t realize that I have done that until I actually think about it and make myself believe that. It sounds deep but it actually isn’t. I’m not that actually smart. Ahahahahah. I believe I should get back to work now, so, uh, adios! See ya sometime soon, hopefully!!

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