Hi. Professional Day tomorrow for me. My sister and my cousin still have to go to school because they have their Professional Day next Friday. And we(my elementary school I go to.) have a dance performance next Friday. Yippee. (SARCASM, obviously.) And we have a week to rehearse and all that jazz. SHALALALALALALALALALA, no. Wait. NOOO. Why am I still up and at the stuff about school. Why? IDEFK. (nods) I seem like I am spamming, and, yes, I feel like spamming.

I, Gloria, REALLY LIKE RIKKAIDAI, HYOUTEI, SEIGAKU, AND HIGA, LIKE, A LOT. LIKE I’M LISTENING TO THEIR MUSICAL CUTE SELF SINGING, ‘CAUSE, Y’KNOW, THEY ARE, LIKE REALLY GOOD. AND LIKE, THEY, ARE, LIKE, REALLY CUTE. Okay. Enough ‘spamming'(I wouldn’t call that spamming, but if people don’t know the stuff, then probably yeah if I put a blob of stuff they don’t, yeah.)

Sooo. Whazzup? XD
I really don’t really know what to do tomorrow. I have pimples. YIPPEE! (That’s like, DRIPPING SARCASM)

I realize that Dream Live 2013 was held at Yokohama Arena. I still don’t know where it is except I know where the country it is found in(Obviously)! Japan. XDXD
I still can’t believe that… ARGGHHH!!! I’m like fangirling overly, RIGHT NOW!. So, I’ll just go… Ja na!


    1. I GREATLY appreciate… how you, y’know, said something that did not make me feel… ah whatever. The dance is like, FREAKISHLY fast. I don’t know if I can catch up by Friday.
      Anyways, have fun WATCHING.

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