Late June 2016

Yep. Late June. It has arrived. I mean, it started a while ago. But I mean, I actually DID SOMETHING that I was required to do. Like school. A grade. Especially grade seven. To be honest, grade seven was a lot easier than I imagined, but the time when I had 3 to 4 projects at once was not that fun or easy. But after all that, I can say that I’m done! Tomorrow all the 6/7 classes at school are going on a trip to Playland. After the trip, we have Friday as our last normal day of school. Then on the following Monday, the grade sevens will go to a water park, then Tuesday is half-a-normal-day and half a swimming day. Wednesday is grad day. In which I wear a womanly thing. Then in September I go to secondary school and my brother starts school. Whoa. Kindergarten. Wow. Grade Eight. Okay, I’m kidding about grade eight, just about kindergarten. Mainly because my brother will have his own school life. And that’s weird.

Today I have ping pong class after dinner, so I should conserve energy. And I will do just that. Until I finish grade seven (technically I am…)!

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