Happy New Year’s Eve! This post’s font colour is the colour of my lipstick! Why am I wearing lipstick???? Because today there are people coming over and for the fun of it, why not put on some lipstick??? WHY NOT??? It is kind of uncomfortable… I can bear it. YEAAH.

SO, why princess as the title? Because today is a day to think of new dreams. Becoming a princess could be a dream. But chances are, at this day and age, the ratio 3:1500. JKJK. If only. Ehehe.

I’m seriously bored. It is almost 2015!!! Gotta get used to reading that. hehehe.

Anyways, I might not get to type a post for resolutions tomorrow. Might be too busy with other stuff like homework. Eh. So, gotta get working. Adieu~! And Happy New Year!

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