Prince of Tennis/New Prince of Tennis (The Revived List)

Hello, I realized as I was looking through my posts, that in the Prince of Tennis/New Prince of Tennis, I forgot to put a very special school in, and my list of people I like has changed. So, I’ll get on with it.

Most of the Schools:
Seigaku (Seishun Gakuen*)
Hyoutei (Hyoutei Gakuen)
Higa (Higa Chuu)
Rikkai (Rikkaidai/Rikkaidai Fuzoku)
St. Rudolph
U-17 High Schoolers
And.. I think that’s most of them.

Now onto my most obsessed guys:

Atobe Keigo ( Captain of Hyoutei)
Tezuka Kunimitsu ( Captain of Seigaku)
Ryou Shishido (Hyoutei)
Ootori Choutarou (Hyoutei)
Eiji Kikumaru (Seigaku)
Oishi Shuichirou ( Vice- Captain of Seigaku)
Taki Haginosuke ( Former Regular of Hyoutei)
Seiichi Yukimura (Captain of Rikkai)
Genichirou Sanada (Vice-Captain of Rikkai)
Fuji Syuusuke (Seigaku)
Shiraishi Kuranosuke ( Captain of Shitenhouji)
KIte Eishirou (Captain of Higa)
Tanishi Kei (Higa)
Saeki Kojirou ( Vice-Captain of Rokkaku)
Inui Sadaharu (Seigaku)
Kaoru Kaidou (Future Captain of Seigaku- Seigaku)
Renji Yanagi (Rikkai)
Zaizen Hikaru (Future Captain of Shitenhouji-Shitenhouji)
Tokugawa Kazuya (U-17 High Schooler)
Marui Bunta (Rikkai)

Favourite Schools:

Seigaku (You have to, it’s the main main school)
Hyoutei Gakuen
Rikkaidai Fuzoku
U-17 High Schoolers

That’s it.

* Gakuen means Academy or Junior High.

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