ohohoho tryouts

Hello, long time no write/type. Today was the table tennis tryouts for my school. It felt a lot quicker than it actually was. The tryouts were from 3:15 to 4:30 after school. Apparently I am accepted. I think it’s because I know how to play, I know how to do some cool stuff, and I can win some games. The team manager is my sister’s friend. Now that I am accepted and they said that they approve of me, I have a stack of papers to fill out for various reasons. Transportation, health, tournaments, and just other school related stuff. On Thursday, there is another tryout for those that maybe missed today’s one, and also the people from today’s tryouts have to go as well to either practice more and “coach” the other players. And rate them. To see if they get on the team. It’s so confusing and… more… important than the teams in elementary. I mean it’s like more serious, especially at my school. My school’s table tennis team have been the champions of the provincial or Vancouver-area championships. Real fancy, I know right!! It’s pretty cool. But I feel like I fail. SO, I’m good. Yeah. Alright, I should probably go know because I still have lots of things to do. Well then, see ya!!

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