onze heures

It has been quite a while. I have been quite busy with the new amount of homework every week. Or everyday. Yeah, that’s more like it. So, my dad has gone to Shanghai for 15 days, and he’s to come back tomorrow. And tomorrow happens to be a vacation day for students as it is Remembrance Day. Oh yeah, that reminds me, at school we had our Remembrance Day ASSEMBLIES, and the ones at my school are long-ish and sort of abrupt, while at my brother’s, he got to say, “I will remember,” while holding his POPPY ART. AIN’T that CUUUTE.

Anyway, that means I can go pick my dadĀ up from the airport with my siblings! However, I still have lots of homework, so I can’t have the whole day waiting and slacking off as I normally do on every other day. It’s getting a little late, but I’m not too worried about the time. I’m more worried about the time that I will sleep at. Recently I noticed that I have more… noticeable eyebags than from grade seven. Which reminds me, I should probably go sleep as it is like 11. It’s not particularly late for other days, but I feel a little tired. Well then, off to bed I will go. See ya!

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