Uh oh.

Uh oh IS RIGHT! School is starting the day after tomorrow, and at school I have to start my speech, YET I HAVEN’T CHOSE A TOPIC IN THE CATEGORY! Damn. So far I have crossed out 5 of 6 ideas. And that one that is left is discrimination/prejudice. I’m currently thinking of my seventh and possibly a eighth. GIMME IDEAS AND POSSIBLY INSPIRATION!!!

Anyways, I am pretty behind. Even though I had 2 whole weeks to figure it out, I was too busy either worrying about other things or being busy PHYSICALLY. Maybe inspiration will come if I reread my old posts and the good and bad things that had happened. Eh.

Maybe if I listen to more music. Different types of music. Different meanings behind the lyrics that I might understand. Ehehheheh. I don’t understand too much. JKJK, maybe. ARGGHHHH!

A speech is at least 5 paragraphs, so I better get started with a topic!! So, uh, BYEEE!! See ya!

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