Reincarnation (Miracle) iv

Rey was soon adorned with even more jewels by the time the Queen’s personal maids came to escort him to the Queen.
“This way, Your Majesty.” The maids opened the large doors and he saw a woman sitting beside a flickering fireplace. She was looking down as she threw a piece of paper into the fire. He saw something that fell from her face. Was it tears?

Rey is now in front of the changed Queen, and she seems to be in a very bad shape. She’s crying and emotionally hurt. What can Rey do? Rey is actually feeling very lost in his own thoughts. He has lost all will and power to do anything else to change his story and take it back into his grasp. He needs help.

“…Come here. … Rey. How long has it been? … 4 years? Your father is gone… for now…” The Queen patted Rey’s hand.

Oh. So this is what life is like. You never know what might come after someone says something. Rey was very confused.

“It’s been 6 years. 6…” Rey said nervously. He wasn’t used to all this suspension. He liked knowledge of what people would say next, what they would do next. He loved knowledge. It was all he needed to live on. But now that the power was taken away from him, life meant nothing more than to take what wasn’t his. It didn’t matter. He could make things his own after all this trash. Of course it wouldn’t work out after all those years. Of course.

I GAVE UPPPPPPP. How come I can’t think of anything for this story? Not intriguing? I DUNNNNNNNOOOOOO! Okay. Uh. So, um, bye. Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

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