The Whole Entire Time #7

The girls took the sky train to Michael’s mansion. When they arrived, Michael’s house was decorated with streamers and pink and blue balloons at the corners of the rooms. There was a long banner that says ‘Good luck Charlotte, Gabe, Harmony, and Xavier!’ They had just learned that they were the top agents that worked for the Angel Secret Society. They were shocked to see the rankings of each agent. There was no ending to the list, so no one would be last.

At the party there was a table covered with delicious treats: A large bowl of ice cream of different flavour that you wanted it to be when it reaches your bowl, another large plate of chips with a variety of flavours, 6 different pop drinks, cupcakes, a large cake, and 2 different juice jugs. All that will never run out. On the dining table they had some sushi, a duck, a chicken, some pork, and some beef. On the balcony, they were setting up a barbeque.

After the party, Michael called Gabe, Xavier, Harmony, and Charlotte to stay after the rest left. It was about the mission. “I understand that the rule is that, when a worker comes back from a mission that is completed, they are supposed to have a short break that is at least 2 weeks long. I broke that rule. Actually, McAger did. He wanted to make sure that England has to be safe. He wouldn’t bear to lose an not-very-talented worker. And you are still half human when your on a mission. So we will send the MOST talented ones. I will give you the personal information about your person disguise. You are already registered into your high school you will go to. Aha! I knew I forgot to tell you another thing. There is a retired Angel that lives nearby. They will play the role of your parents. As for you boys, Gabe you live as a adopted child with another child called Xavier that is actually related through blood to the Angels that are retired. Xavier, you know the two elders that were Angels that looks like this?”Michael opens up an blue folder marked as ‘Extras’ and takes out two pieces of paper with pictures on it. Xavier recognizes the people immediately. They were his parents he had lived with before he knew he was a Angel. In truth they were his birth parents. Tears began to form at the bottom of his eyes. He hadn’t seen them in… 8 years?

The week passed by and the girls and boys got ready for the mission, they got the last minute touches to there disguise, the clothing, the magical sparkles of the personalities of the characters that they are playing the role of is added to their brain memory. “Are you people ready? Be careful not to get killed. I’m so sorry. Be careful. Down in London, the killings are not pretty at all. So be careful to not get uncovered. When you sense something suspicious, use the shield that blocks them from invading, into your brain to control you. Alright. Your name, Charlotte, is changed into…. Nicole. And you, Gabe, will be the same. Harmony, your name will be…” Michael flips through a thick binder,” Ah. Your name will be Niona. Xavier, your name will be Sebastian. When I transport you and completely transform you, please do not complain, and get used to it. Do not get too fond of it.” With that, Michael waved an arm as if saluting them, and whispered a few words and then the group was covered by sparkles. “Farewell!”

Sebastian turned out to look like a slender teenage boy with black hair. Niona turned into a slender, silky, long, brown haired teenage girl. Nicole was a slender black haired girl. Gabe was a dirty-blonde boy. Sebastian and Niona were in a relationship(Harmony and Xavier) and so were Gabe Nicole(Gabe Charlotte.). The first day they appeared at London they decided to go to the school they would be going to. Like for a tour. They arrive at the school at around 1:00. “This is the school? This looks like… I mean, it’s so… large! Let’s go to the other side!” Nicole exclaimed, craving for adventure.

Hiii! This took me about… 6 days? I know. It’s less than the very first one. But I didn’t get very much time. Yeah. Homework is what most of it is about. I’ll be back with a Part 8 soon!

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