Most of my posts are about me and school. Yes, I realize that school is the only other thing that is going on apart from my personal life. Once again, I’m back to update y’all on my homework. I’m currently (like actually at the moment) working on my Socials Renaissance Artist project. I’ve written a paragraph. One solitary passage of 5 to 9 sentences. Just one. As you can see, that amount of work had inspired me to name this post after it.

It snowed a bit more today, adding to the amount snowed yesterday and the day before. The other day, I threw out the trash and it started snowing while I was outside. It looked really cool. Because it started snowing a lot more after. Anyway, today at school, I managed to run through a field of calf-high snow only to find my sister doing the same on the other side. Seems like we find snow very fun. We spent the evening looking at the individual snowflakes (tiny tiny ones that were very FRESH) and their designs. Quite intriguing, really. Actually, it was really cool. We also noticed that we had some icicles hanging from the side of the roof. So we plucked some big ones off and sunk them into the piles of snow on the side. Very entertaining.

I seem to realize lots of things these days. I noticed that my sister and I have been very synchronized recently. Lots of our inside jokes are said at the exact same time that sometimes we don’t even notice the other person even said it until we hear the layering of voices. Is this meant to be?? Haha. Also. Family Day and Valentines’ Day is coming up. Lots of affection related holidays are coming up, and I haven’t gotten any gifts or chocolates yet. Perhaps I will go out over the weekend to get some. 🙂 Anyways, it’s getting a little late, and I should probably sleep since there is still school tomorrow. Goodnight, and see y’all later!

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