predicament part ii

Why is my brother so cuute! I know he’s like five, but bro, he’s so adorable. I did an English test this morning; it was composed of two parts: a quotes section of who said it, and an essay. I got 23/30 for the quotes side, and my teacher will mark the essay on her own time. I feel like I will failll. I also did a Socials Studies presentation-ish and I guess I did okay with the information part. I also need to complete my course selection form. I did lots of things today, I guess, compared to me usually. I got all my Day 2 teachers to sign my Field Trip form. I have table tennis provincials in 2¬†weeks. I’m gonna cry, because I missed 2 practices due to snow this week. Last week, I missed it once due to the Science Fair. I’m so out of shape. And out of focus due to my lack of practice. I also suck at staying warmed-up. Should wear more. :))

School has been quite… busy. It is the end of the term. I dislike making things. Like with wood and intense machines. AKA basic Tech Ed stuff. I enjoy drawing/designing stuff, but I’m probably not going to take Drafting next year. Also Enriched courses are something I might take. I don’t really like how it’s called Enriched. Kind of hard to say, and sounds a little pretentious. It’s also really different from Honours, which I dislike, but like who cares. I just want things to be easier and the same. I don’t enjoy change when it directly affects me. Sad. Anyway, I need to get started on writing an article for the school newspaper which is due in 2 days. I.. yeah. See ya. Goodnight!

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