ehh, it’s late.

Hi! I am, at long last, back. Ain’t that just great? Yeah! Hmm. It’s hard to type on the tablet. Not like I am right now. Nope. You can just hear the sarcasm.

So. This might be the last post of the year. Why? Because I am kind of busy. Tomorrow. Entertaining some guests. My parents’ friends from some part of their childhood. And their eldest child. And another friend of my parents’.

Christmas was… I dunno… surprising? Not to be mean, but the gifts I received were not what I expected. Not as advanced technology gifts. But then again they are like, really expensive. ehehehehe. I should be sleeping right now. ahh. Who cares anymore? Not me, that’s who.

Okay, so like, my thoughts on 2014. The overall rating of my year. The one and only word. TERRIBLE. I guess. Well, the guy you hate confessed to you, liking you since last year. But the problem was, you weren’t even in his class! Kinda complex, right? But to add to that stress, his friend confesses to you, two friends liking the same gal. There is some rivalry going on here. And I can prove it. Really. Goddammit.

Anyways, I gotta end this soon. Before it turns twelve o’clock. ┬áSo uh, Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy Early New Year! Best wishes from Gloria. Ehehehehehehehehee.

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