The Birthday

Heloo! On October 20th, it was my 10th birthday! I’m about 5000000 minutes old. Okay, so, 1000000 minutes is 2 years. How many minutes old are you? I got books, a gear thing that you can make, it’s hard to explain, and I got a ring, my mom gave me a customizable watch, my sister gave me a ring and a pair of earrings(they’re both green in a way…), my cousin gave me just a card, and my neighbours gave me a set of 15 books all written by Roald Dahl. The only book I read so far that has interested me in was Boy: Tales of Childhood. Then I went to his Wikipedia page. He was in World War II! I never knew that. Well, now I do know!

So, um, I had noodles. Like, y’know, it’s like a tradition for birthdays. And of course I got cake. Two, in fact. From Hmart. Ehh.. I’ve got nothing else to say, so, adieu~!

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