The Gramophone 2

Captain told his new personal servant to practice with him. The servant was specially taught all the things a prince would know to serve better for a prince. Of course the tutor was paid under Captain’s family. Actually nobody could say no, because, IT’S THE ROYAL FAMILY. People would be lucky to be serving under them personally. Anyways, the servant’s name was Ray. Ray Bemis. He had dark brown hair, close to black, with a tint of red. He was a exceptionally ‘pretty’ boy to be accepted. More feminine than the other boys in the palace. That day, he was to wear princely clothes to match the prince; Captain.
He fought on the same level as the prince and… Clash! Their swords crashed and smashed against each other, eager to win the last point. “Hmm, seems like Ray has improved.” “Ray.” He stopped and so did Ray. “Yes, my lord?” Ray bowed slightly, being taught the was to face a lord or the mistress. “You seem to improve. Great work. I look forward to seeing you beat me. One day. Oh, and, I will be meeting lady that is line to be my wife. Seems unlikely. I will be needing your presence when I meet the lady. That is all, you may go.” Captain informed Ray, and Ray was off.

Slam! Captain shut the door of his office. He sat down on his grand chair and flipped through the pages of the book he was supposed to read, for the upcoming test from his tutor.
Part I: Who do you think is the criminal?
The man crouched down, inspecting the blood and glass that was splattered on the ground. “Frank, what type of glass is this?”
“Private, that glass would be… AHHH!! That, glass is produced by my own company: Frank’s Glass & Co. I don’t understand! Could it be a worker of mine?

“Could it be you?”
“Oh, Private, it was definitely
not me. I have no reason to kill such a innocent old man.”
“Really? Then what were you doing last Saturday?”
“Sorry Private, I need to use the outhouse. Excuse me.”

Frank dashed out, the opposite way of the outhouse.
“That assistant!
He’s such a fibber! Lies!”

“Excuse me, m’lord? She has arrived.” Captain’s butler said through the door.
“Thank you. I’ll be there immediately.”
“Of course, m’lord.”
Captain slipped on his long gold-blue jacket over his ruffled dress-shirt, and walked out of his door, and he stepped carefully down the large, grand staircase.

“Oh! You were right! Queen Myki, your prince is so CUTE! What’s his name? How old is he? Why is he going to lead the war? Just PLEASE! Make him love my daughter!” A stubby woman dressed overly fancy, with frilly and puffy dress, sat across from his mother, the Queen, in the sitting room enjoying some tea. A young pale girl sat quietly beside her. “My, Veronicka, it’s Captain, and he is 17. His father is getting off the track, and he can’t lead anymore, like he used to. Ha ha ha ha! Good try! I don’t think he’ll buy it! Captain! Go with Ray to the Garden Gazebo, and introduce yourself to Sharil there. Talk. Get to know her. Tell Ray to get some tea, and cookies.”
“Yes mother.”
Captain stood up, and he extended a hand towards Sharil to walk her to the Garden Gazebo. “U-u-umm, uh, thank you.” Sharil blushed, took his hand, and looked away. “Ray! Go get tea and cookies for us!”
“Yes, master.”

“Ahem. So, your name is Sharil?”
“Ah, yes.”
“You may call me Captain. Please, no Lord, or Prince before that. Make yourself comfortable. What interests do you have?”
“Uhmm, I like playing cards, even if that’s not a ladylike thing to do, and I like to watch cricket, I like staying in to read. I don’t take interests in a lot of boys, and I’d rather stay single. No offense, Prince.”
“None taken.”
Awkward silence filled the air.
“Umm, Sharil, would like something?”
“Huh? Oh, sorry, no thanks.” She blushed.
“Sharil darling!!! Time to say good bye to your prince!!” Sharil’s mother called out, making Sharil slightly embarrassed, and to once again, blush.
“Um, good bye Prince Captain.” To match a curtsy, suddenly covering up her hesitating, and making her much more elegant and unique. Captain walked up to her, and whispered closely to her ear, “I like that.”

Done! I mean the part. I’ll work on 3 tomorrow. I think I will. So, ja ne!

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