The Gramophone

The graceful melody echoed out from the opened door. Dancing down the halls, the small, brown, puppy raced down to the opened door and sped in towards it’s rightful master. Captain was seated next to the musical instrument: the gramophone. Smiling down at the fluffy, young dog, he patted it’s ears. Captain had nothing to do, except to be entertained by his dog. Captain sighed. The dog was to be taken out of the mansion in 2 more days. In a period of 2 months, he grew QUITE close to the tiny dog. Why must he let go of this dog?
one word:
In one weeks time, Captain will be leading his country to fight the Shottonians. CAptain was the heir of the Mystrietians. The dog will be left alone in the wilderness, left, to die alone. Just as it has been born as.

Captain sat up. “Starrae! Get me my cane! I’m going to the garden!”
Why did war have to happen during his favourite season? It was Spring, and there were cherry blossoms flying in the air, swirling around, as if it were dancing. Like the music.
Captain stopped the gramophone, told a nearby maid to get his jacket, and told another maid to get his shoes and put them on for him. After his orders were fulfilled, he took hisĀ  cane, and walked out the circular door.

Wind blew around his face, and then he was instantly in a whole new different world. The cherry blossoms flew around, as if it were alive. It twirled, it danced, up and about. Captain walked around, slowly to observe the whole dimension which seemed different to the other times he had been in the garden.

“Lord! Please M’lord! If your gone, we’ll lose the battle! Please! M’LORD!” Captain heard words. But those words were the only words he understood. Captain opened his eyes. “Ugh…” The bright light confused him at first. “What? What is that? It’s so… what’s the word? I think I used to know… Bright? Yeah! It…fits. Wait, what battle? Lord? Hmm? Who’s that? Why is he wearing such clothes? What’s that? That black bottle! It’s POISON!”
“I command you to stop! That is poison! Where is your certificate?” Captain asked, surprising himself. “What am I saying? Oh! I all of a sudden know what is going on!”
“U-u-u-uhhmmm. Your Majesty, you’re mistaken, they just put the medicine in this type of bottle. Take it! It’s good!” The ‘doctor’ said. “Sure. Where’s your certificate?!” Captain demanded, back to his good old self. “Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot it back at the office. It’s too late to get it.” “Guards! I don’t want to see this plebian EVER! Neither will he see me. Or anyone else. TAKE HIM AWAY!”

Captain sat down at his desk, rubbing his forehead. “Now tell me why did I kill him off? How did I turn this cruel? I still…” “Sigh…. This will be the end of it…” He whispered to himself.

The next day happened to be the Queen’s birthday. Captain decided to do something to do some thing to impress his mother. To fence with his father. And win. This was going to be his day. So, he got up at sunrise to practice in the the ‘small’ training hall.

Hiya!!! It was supposed to end as a oneshot but I carried on, so it will be a series. So, umm, ADIEU~!

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