The Gramophone 3

Sharil blushed after the quiet remark. “Prince Captain, I was told to act like a mindless stuttering girl, but, I’m glad I can let it out. Is that fine with you? Of course it is.” Her expression changed from a blushing, hiding girl to a not-amused, bored looking girl, which surprised Captain. Then it was his turn to stutter. “Wha-wha-what? You’re… How… But… My… no… Who is your father?”
“Why do need this information?”
“Do you dare not to- I’m sorry, I just want to know. I think I want to help. Who told you? I figure it would be your father, so who is he?!”
“*Sigh* He is Lord Darcgoldy. He, well, he is known to be the most highest boss of wine companies. He wants the best for his daughter even if he does not live with her. He’s… well, the reason for my mother separating from him. At least he sends large portions of money to us to live in a large mansion. I’m going to have to go. The coachman is waiting. Farewell.”
Captain stood there, half-dazed. “Captain! Lead the lady to the front door.” His mother, the Queen lectured. “Yes, mother!” And he rushed over to tell the butler to open the door to escort them away.

“Hmm… Sharil is not what we think she is. Actress, and a beautiful girl that acts differently to a prince. She doesn’t think about who she’s talking to. Who is she really?” Captain props his head up with his hands and makes a face. Knock Knock! “Whose there?” He calls out. “Oh master…. It’s moi! Let me in.”
“Who are you?”
“That’s a secret. Haha!”
“Fine. Come in.” Creak!
“Hey there. I’m back.” Leaning against the wall was Sharil. She had transformed from a nice, elegant girl, to a short haired, rough looking girl. She wore slightly ripped shirt, a pair of brown pants that were ripped at the end, and wore princely shoes and socks.
“What? You’re… I… your not… kidding me…”
“Hah. Who said I was kidding? I’m serious. I need your assistance. I’ll be secretly serving the war on our side. I’m going to be a spy for your kingdom as I am part of your kingdom. All I need is your layout of hiding spots, orders for my group. Now, hand it over. I need it. NOW!”
“Hmph. Is that a way to talk to me? But, this is not a job is not for you. Your a nobleman’s daughter.”
“I am the best at the agency.”
“Argh…. Wait here. I’ll go tell Ray to fetch them.” Captain walks out.
“Ray! Get the black folder for me.”
“Yes, sir. Immediately!” And Ray scurries off.
Captain walks back into the room. Sharil is inspecting his room.
“What?” Captain asks,”Find anything interesting?”
“Yes. You  have a lot of trapdoors and secret doors. especially your closet.”
“Your Majesty? I have them.” Ray says through the door.
“Hand them over.”
Ray opens the door and gives the folder to Captain and bows, and leaves quietly.
“Here. This has our layout of the field. And this file has the directions. Make sure no one else sees this. That would be all.”
“Humm. NOW your being all formal? I like this aggressive side better.” AND, Sharil smirks. “What? You have what you need. Now go.”
“Nope! I have one more thing to do.” She walked up to Captain, went on her tippy-toes and kissed him on the cheek. Captain cheeks flushed to a dark red. “Adieu!” And she ran off.

Captain touched his cheek after he heard the door slam. “WHAT?!” AND, he fainted.

The next week started. The dog abandoned, and there was Captain standing and he was putting on his armour. After he had his armour on, he looked at his spears. *Sigh*
“Prince, the other side has climbed the hill. It should be time to fight.”
“Thank you.” Another sigh.

“MOUNT YOUR HORSES! THEY’RE APPROACHING! 1, 2, 3, CHARGE!!!” Captain shouted. And swords clashed, people died, a terrible disease broke out, more injuries, and that war turned into the famous GermyShottonians War.

Ello! I’m BACK~! And tomorrow’s HALLOWEEN! And I fell today. Beautiful, right? Anyways, GTG!

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