Twin Blade Part One

Hearing the squeaking sounds coming out of the large wagon, holding bunches of fresh vegetables, the young man sniffed the collar of his long black coat. He dipped his ebony hat lower as he headed toward the exit of the market. He sighs as the clumsy paperboy tripped over his own feet. He headed toward the small shop that had all the latest music he liked. He pushed open the door, and stepped in. Everyone that was in the shop, as usual, would stop, turn, and stare. It was like stop, drop, and roll. But, when they stared at him, he got super pissed off. He let them stare and then leaves them to their own fantasies. He turned over to the pop music corner. When he found nothing interesting or new, he turned around and took the most weirdest exit. By going the backdoor. The youngster walked for awhile, and stopped in front of a flat. He pressed a few keys, and then the door made a small BEEP(!) and he opened the door. He walked over to a small closet, slid open the door, and hooked his black jacket up onto a hook. He closed the door.

He flung himself onto his dark bed and sighed. “If only life was MUCH MORE easier. I would of been more nicer. I guess my girlfriend would cheer me up more than I am right now
A loud ding-dong was heard, and he sat up and stood up, and walked over to the door. Peeking through the small window in the door, he spotted his girlfriend at the door. He opened the door. “Hello! Come in! I’ll prepare the dinner. Your job… is to KEEP me happy and entertained. Thank you! Oi, Hannah! C’mere!” He smiled angelically at her. He gave her a small hug. “Hi, Steele! I hope dinner is yummy!” “Ain’t it always?”

After dinner, Hannah had to leave. She took the bus. When she past through the alleyway, she was stopped by some gangsters that were smiling in a perverted way. She yelled,”Stop!” But they did not stop staring, and instead of doing just that, they dragged her into their lair. She screamed, and then fell unconscious.

The next day, the police found the gangsters up to no good, and then later discovered Hannah was in a hidden room, all bloody with her own blood. The gangsters, well, were sadistic and wanted to see someone as pretty as she was, die a horrible death. So, the police also discovered that the girl was dead, so, they proclaimed she was dead. The gangsters were going to be on trail in four days.

When the news reached Steele, Steele’s head dropped down to his hands. Hannah’s parents were there to comfort him. The next day, it was supposed to be her funeral soon. Steele, actually showed no other feelings except coldness and seriousness to everyone, except Hannah.

New… idea while listening to random PoT songs. Yeah, japanese songs, but WHATEVS! Seeya! Salutes, bows, leaves.
Word Count:506


The Whole Entire time #9

“Eh. Look. There is something moving over there. Let’s go check it out.” Sebastian points toward a rustling bush. Before they could reach the bush, their ANGELISH Aphone(Iphone-I+A=Aphone)s began to ring. “You don’t have to do it. You may go. Others will do it.” Michael’s buzzing voice came out of the phone. “Yes, sir!”

“We have nothing to do!” Charlotte yawned(Back to normal names…) and headed toward Harmony’s couch. They were in her large house that was located in the middle of the rainforest. “Tch. My mother would’ve came up with us, since she’s allowed, but she has to take care of dad. He’s not allowed. Strange, eh?” Xavier stretched. “That was weird of Michael. He normally never calls us back during a mission. Oh well. Enjoy it while you can, they say it.” Gabe shrugged. Harmony sipped her apple juice. Being with her friends altogether was the same as enjoying the feeling of flying. “Hey, isn’t it Harmony’s birthday today? Yeah! It is! No wonder Michael called us back!” Xavier danced around. “I’ll get the cake!” “I’ll buy some last minute presents! Anybody want to come with me?”

And so…
Xavier and Gabe went to buy the cake and came straight back. Charlotte and Gabe went to buy the presents and then came straight back for Harmony.
After gift opening, it was time for the cake.
Harmony bit into a piece of cake.

The End

Okinawa Style

When the flowers bloom, the air turns so sweet.
Standing by the windowsill, looking out, through the glass.
Staring at the beautiful flowers that stand still,
But why is the sky still depressed?
The kite flies across the sky,
Flying above our heads,
What is this feeling?
Now, the sky is glittering,
The memories cannot be cut off,
It’s loving…
The sea.

Abel Math Test and… STUFF

Today, I did the Abel Math Test. At the same time, in the same place, Grace did the Gauss math test. It was… HARD-ISH. Eh. Still got the numbers in my head. ARGH. I have my choir song stuck in my head. Ugh. I HATE MY GROUP! Like my classroom has groups of desks, and my group is an all-girl group. I don’t personally like all-girl groups, because guys are… entertaining. And the other girls in my group are super annoying and yeah. Especially the one that sits diagonally from me. SO. ANNOYING!!!!!!

Crap. I have SIX pages of freaking MUSIC! And when I just came back from the Library(Where the Abel/Gauss Math Test takes place at that time…), I saw a large pile sitting on top of my desk. The first thing I thought right then and there, was,”OH, GREAT. SIX WHOLE PAGES OF EASY MUSIC, NICE CONGRATULATIONS PRESENT.”

So, I have an art project that only some of my classmates have also started, called pointillism. I tried to create a sailing. . . cruise on the water with a woman in purple on the deck. The ship is called,”THE STARR” Dramatic, right?

Anyways, I’m fine other than a forgotten note, and more homework.:) I’m fine. REALLY.

Mother’s Day II (XD)

Hiii. It’s Mother’s Day! I hope we all got to say that to our mothers, and Grandmothers! Well, I did. First thing in the morning: I tell my baby brother(2); Gabriel, it is Mother’s Day. Then he says I love you to mommy. Ain’t that just sweet!

Anyways, we have visitors. Grace and I are entertained, so all is well. Gabey(Gabriel) doesn’t really count.

Mother’s Day

Do you know why we need to listen to our mother’s words? It is not to make your life miserable.
What did your mother teach you? Of course it is not nothing. If not, even I would not be doing this.
What did your mother do for you? Give you life. She probably gave you what she thought was best for you. She gave you food, she used her own energy to wake up earlier than you in the morning to give you breakfast. Earlier than most of your family, later than the rest.
Now, what do you have to say on this very important day?
Thank you!

Why do we need to do what our mother tells us to do? Because it is safer and legal. It is because of our decisions when we grow up. Money managing, school fees, grocery shopping, and school supplies. We need what we need. Be grateful for what you get.

What I say to my mother is what we all say to our own mothers. It is ‘I love you, mommy!’

Why do our mothers say don’t do this, don’t do that? It is because our mothers don’t want to see us cry, but she of course, wants to see the smiles on our faces. She doesn’t want us to get hurt.

I love you mommy!!!


The young prince runs through the war attempting to kill every enemy in sight, he tries to concentrate, but all that comes to mind is,

My fate is unparalleled,
the killer below,
yet the rust on the knife comes out of the ground very clearly,
cutting through iron like mud,
become the dragon of from the fire.

All that ends up is:

The sound of the news of my defeat in battle.

The people of my village flee from the battlefield for safer shelter. I can do nothing but lay peacefully, awaiting my end.

Ah, Fate.

For the Itallics, they are the lyrics of Unparalleled by Jay Chou. For the ‘The sound of the news of my defeat in battle’ is changed, but it means the same meaning.


The Whole Entire Time #8

So the group headed towards the other side.”I always wonder, how it feels to be bullied. Most reasons are because the person is well, J-E-A-L-O-U-S. I don’t know why we are here but for one, I am hoping it is because we are to clean the world out of sin. Wow. Do you see what I see?” Sebastian gestures towards the large group. He peers in and gasps. “It’s a girl that attends the school. And she is… dead.” Sebastian tells his group.
“That is getting more and more suspicious.” Nicole comments, scratching her chin.
Then the criminal must be within the school or that crowd!” Nicole thought.
“Maybe the criminal is within the area, waiting for the target to appear. Or the criminal is in the crowd, or hiding among the park. Though he/she might kill then leave.” Nicole and Niona say in the same time.
Sebastian and Gabe look at each other and whisper,”They’re in synch! No wonder Michael put them together as twins.”
“Let’s search over the school.” Gabe says while scanning the area one last time before walking away from the crowd.

Y’know, it is short because I will type up another series, maybe. Eh. So, I’ll type more next time. 😀

Random Times

Hi. I’m back. I haven’t been able to, um, y’know, type any live entries. My life like this is quite awkward.

Friendship being broken up, people my age start swearing, and people don’t understand me as well. Like when I want them to understand, they have 0% idea of what I’m talking about. A friend(Sort of friend. We sometimes ultimately hate each other or just leave each other be, OR, just get along.) is unblocking me on email. I don’t really care about WHAT THE HECK he is doing, but if it has to do with me, I swear I HAVE to know. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

Homework bugs A LOT of people, but sometimes, it doesn’t at all, for me. Because I’ve got nothing to do, but either watch my brother or do something constructive. I normally don’t do much of anything constructive, but if I do, it’s my not-due-in-two-days-or-maybe-less-days homework, or it’s has something to do with math. Sucks right? Well, it’s not like I don’t like math. I DO like math, but if I have to do math at home, it’s MULTIPLICATION(I’m just starting to memorize the equations… *smiles uncertainly*)!

Yeah. I’ve GOT TO GO soon. So, Bye!