November 29th 2014

i can’t think of another title, so uh, yeah.

IT SNOWED!!!! OMG!!!! I LOVE SNOW!!!! It was really dry and powdery, but under that was all ice. KOORI NO SEKAI!! jkjk. It was like a snow blizzard last night from 11pm to 1am. It was powdery snow falling down with huge waves of wind. After that it was BELOW ZERO, and the snow that had begun to melt froze. When I played in the snow today, I kept on picking up the powdery snow up and throwing it up in the air, waiting for it to come back down slowly, but with random clumps of powdery ice falling down 7654325 km/s. jkjkjk.
I was playing with my brother Gabriel, my cousin, and my dad in the snow.

So that’s all i am concerned about i shall take my leave now. SOOOO bye!!!

ayy, it’s moi

OMGGGGGG!! So happy!! Thank you, gracieee!! Okay, let’s return to normal.

Okay, so um, today was a Pro-D day so we stayed at home… And things are quite good for the time being. Like receiving things. And December. I LOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEE DECEMBER!!! Snow and that nice coldness and lights in the dark!!! OMGGG I LOVE ITTTT. Okay, I’m quite energetic right now, despite the fact that I am freezing my fingers almost off. It’s probably the feeling of nostalgia. All these songs of when I was all over Shiraishi Kuranosuke that I used to listen to his music every time I used the computer. Crazy, right? But today is one of those days in which I wish I still had something to hardcore obsess over, the feeling of excitement, waiting for something to arrive, that warm happy feeling. I guess this is what life feels like. Cold. I dunno. XD
XD is kinda like the face I used a lot in grade four. Like uh, GloriaXD!! was the way I signed things last year too. Lame right. I know.

It’s almost December. It’s almost the season of slippery ground. I wonder if it’ll snow this year. It snowed a little bit last year. The year before, we could make a fort out of everything! Last year was just sliding down the hill. This year, who in the world knows. Well I DO hope it snows.

Today after lunch, set up the Christmas lights outside! We did it today because it was a clear-ish day with lots of wind and blue skies and several clouds. It was cold though. I liked that cold. Like when only your cheeks are cold. And face. And the rest of your body is perfectly nice and warm.

Soooooo. Getting ready for the holidays sure is nice… I can’t wait for the days to start reminding of Days With You. Right, gracieeeeee?? I know I am right.

Alright. Well, I’ll be here huddling by myself preparing for hibernation… So bye. I’ll be back after a short hibernation season.

Hi people of the large world!! I’m back.

Hiiii!!! As you can probably tell, I am, once again, back. I can’t really say that it’s a good thing, or a bad thing. Updates on anything I want to ramble on about… Huh. There are 3-4 main things that are important to my life right now, like events in life, directly connected to me. They are: school (darn..), ping pong stuff (yaaaaaay.), and family… problems..? I don’t think they count as problems. More like… advice from people in the house. Yeah. I think that’s right. So. Uh. Like, uhm, I have school tomorrow… which sucks. But not really. Because there is a Young People’s Concert tomorrow, I think in the morning. I love them. Most of the time. Some are boring, and some are somewhat entertaining, and some were a bit weird and awkward but interesting. Alright, it’s time to be judgmental!!!! Just kidding. Okay, I’ve got to go. See you sometime later this week!!! Byeee!!

A bit here and there

At least what she told you wasn’t a lie. It’s the truthful truth, okay? … !! Why hu-llo there! I sure didn’t see you there. Did you hear it all? Oh. Whoops. You’ll keep it a secret alright? If you don’t you wouldn’t be very beautiful to see what would happen next. Alright then! We’ll just be on our way, yes? Good. Now go.

It was a cold day in a futuristic land, where people with skin the colours of the rainbow were walking around without a single worry in their minds. A lot of people in this Earth have been programmed to react according to the King. 92% have been programmed with this bug and 8% is unaffected, and reacts to different events normally. So what to the programmed think of the unaffected? Well, in their programs, they think of the unaffected as the worst kind of scum in the whole entire universe. There are rare cases in which a programmed returns itself to an unaffected. Some of the unaffected are chased down by the government and forced to become a programmed. The government is hated by many of the normal people of the world.

Well, enough of that. Yes, it was a VERY cold day. In our most recent years, it would’ve been called a -3 degrees Celsius day. Walking across the street was a turquoise skinned programmed human. This programmed wasn’t quite programmed properly. It was slowly returning to an unaffected. Of course, it wasn’t programmed to know that. The programmed human was called*kgol. It’s unaffected name would be Kgol. *kgol opened the door to it’s purple bubble-shaped house. The house was dimly lit with lines of neon purple/blue/green/pink/white light all around the dome. In the center of the large dome was a single heart-shaped purple couch. In the dome in the next room was furnished with a white desk that reflected the colours of the room, a pink chair, and a magenta bed. The small dome next to it was a washroom with the colours of the rainbow on everything. From the large dome with the single couch in it, there was a circular tunnel going underground, no, underwater. At the end of the tunnel, there was a dome that was surrounded by an oceanic scene with real mechanical fish swimming about. There was another tunnel connected to that bubble, and it lead to a deep, deep, deep, underground room with the earth’s core’s warmth warming the room up from even deeper in the ground. The domed house was one of the largest in the world. It was home to the King *kgol.

HIIIIIIIIII! This series is gonna be a short post for every addition. So don’t ask for too much. Hmph.. Okaaaay, so um, I’m just gonna get going.. BYEEEE!!!

Hi… I’m back and you’re supposed to be grateful.

IT’S ALMOST DECEMBER!!! My favourite month! My order of favourites of months, in order from most favourite to least favourite. Alright?
1) December
2) October
3) February
4) July
5) January
6) April
7) March
8) September
9) May
10) June
11) August
12) November
Yes, yes, I don’t really like this month. Why? Because you are just getting used to the coldness. Why do I like December even if it’s cold? The kind of cold I like is when it is crisp. I also like snow and hot chocolate. And gingerbread houses. But this year, I have to go to the dentist on  the 29th. BEAUTIFUL. I hate the dentist. No offence. Actually, lots of offence.
Why do I even bother? I dunno.
December is also when school ends for WINTER VACATION!!!! It’s that time of year!! Ahh. SNOWWWWWWWWW!!
Oh yeah. Skiing in two months. YAAAAAY! But right now is always when all the confusion starts with young people talking about others getting together. Especially when you are in a split class that has a grade older than you. Well. I should get going. See you!

Reincarnation (Miracle) iii

“I know that’s a lie, Your Highness.”

Rey looked up surprised, an unexpected answer came from the messenger/escort. The messenger just smiled briefly and went back to repair the broken wheel. ‘That messenger… is the biggest mystery for now…’ Rey thought.

The messenger is suspicious, now saying that she knows one of Rey’s many secrets. Showing up suddenly, taking him to the Royal Palace, and making things complicated. What else does the messenger have in store for Rey?

Soon enough, the wheel was fixed and the group of travelers were back on the road. Rey was sitting across from the messenger and the carriage was filled with awkward silence. Well, Rey thought so.
“Your Highness, is there anything you are keeping away from the kingdom, because if you are, the Queen, sorry, Empress will find out the hard way. During your absence, the Empress came up with a new set of rules, and laws. Not only am I your escort, I do many other jobs in the Palaces. If there is anything you are wondering, please do not hesitate to ask, Your Highness.” The messenger smiled.
“Alright, I have three questions. Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you?” Rey asked suspiciously.
“Your Highness, my name is Emereld Grawathakwel. I’m 18 years old and I come from the Raelishemn region. My family works in the palace kitchens, gardens, stables, and as maids and butlers. What else might you be wondering about?”
“Who will be my personal butler?”
“My half-brother, Jael Quzerphalk.”
“Great, a connection.” Rey mumbled under his breath.
“What was that, Your Highness?”
“Nothing. Enough talking, I’m tired. Let me sleep.”
“Of course.”

Rey is in quite a awkward situation when he finds out his personal butler is connected to Emereld. How can Rey wriggle himself out of this little jungle of mystery?

“Your Highness, we have arrived at the palace.” Emereld called out, and pulled the window open.
“You. Take the Highness’ things to the prepared room. Get Jael to help him look presentable in front of the Queen, no, sorry, Empress.” Emereld instructed a guard at the entrance.
“DON’T TOUCH MY THINGS!” Rey picked his 4 large bags with one hand and 3 wrapped packages in his other hand and ran through the gates with Jael bumping into him, explaining a few things, then leading Prince Rey to his room to dress him the proper attire.
“This way…”

Jael makes his first appearance, and Rey has no idea what will happen after, for he has lost all control over this story to a single author. He had sensed him. Yes. It’s a male author. It’s hard to tell what was going to happen to Rey’s dreams. Will they stay standing, or, will they fall like a prey to its predator, with another dictator?

Jael fixed Rey’s long reddish brown hair into a loose ponytail and decorated his hair tie with a silver flower topped off with sapphire and diamond beads. He wore a pair of loose, yellow-ish green, silk pants, a low-collared tank that was black, a vest of light brown that flowed behind him as he walked, a long sleeved jacket hung on his shoulders that had a bamboo pattern on it, and of course, a pair of brown leather boots.
“Your Highness, the Empress is waiting and running out of patience. Please DO hurry, Jael.”
“Right away.”

Rey freaks out to the point of silence. He seems to have given up all hope. Jael takes control over his life as prince. How will Rey take this information when his hope is gathered once again?

Hi, uhh. I kind of ran out of ideas for this little blotch of writing for a month or two. So I decided to publish this little bit onto the blog. So, uh, don’t get mad at me.


tracing the lines of the infinity sign over and over again seemed simple, but how long can you do it for without falling off the track? if you went on for your whole life, how would it go? ‘how long’ was the question. 8 seconds? 8 minutes? 8 hours? 8 days? 8 weeks? 8 months? 8 years? 8 decades? 8 centuries? 8 millenniums? 8 eons? 8 lifetimes? but what would all the hard work for? all for the world to keep spinning.


It’s just me

Hi it’s me. I’m back!! Sooo, stuff has happened. My ping pong skills have leveled up, but I still have a lot of room left for improvement, if you watched me play you would most likely agree that I have lots to work on. Enough about that, SCHOOL. the place that brings the most stress. People you meet there, conversations through writing, work you do, friends, and people that happen to be around you. At the moment I am very confused. Too many questions left from October 31st. ARGHHHHHH. I really don’t know what to do. I’m not really asking for any help, I just want to reveal things indirectly, so I can release some stress by aggressively typing down some facts about something REALLY confusing. Well, it may not for you, but it does for me. One more thing about the topic, why should it be me?
Moving on. What other things are causing me stress? I really don’t know. Wait. I think I got one. Does my younger brother count? He doesn’t listen to me when I try to educate him, but I guess he isn’t at the age to know what I am talking about. But does he have to go straight to violence when he gets a little too agitated? Again, I am not asking for help; just letting some steam out.
For me, when I forget everything that is causing me stress, I listen to music, play ping pong, or talk to my sister in the middle of the night. Sorry mom and dad, just needed some advice from my sister, hehe…  I want to talk about music!! The kind of music I like is electric-ish music (not a song), songs I like are preferably sung by one of my idols, or electric, or, traditional chinese songs/music, or piano. From electrical to classic, hey? What a wide range of music genres.
Tomorrow…. I have safety patrol earlier in the morning, and then later after school, then extra ping pong class to catch up. Kind of busy… compared to normal days.
I have a couple of questions:
1) Am I spoiled?
2) Why me?
3) Can I get any better at ping pong?
That’s it. Yeah… Hmm… WOAH. Quite a long post today, hey? I guess it’s the music helping me. That sounds somewhat poetic. It’s not supposed to be either way. Anyways, gotta go!! See you!