Back to School! don’t remind me.

Can’t I just… SLEEP? No. Apparently my jet lag still exists. I woke up at five. And proceeded to get up at eight. Yes, I lied around in bed for 3 hours thinking ‘it’s too early to get up. I can’t fall back asleep. Let’s stare at my watch.’ But then I got REALLY HUNGRY. And got up. Now, we are planning for lunch. YAY!

Today we plan on shopping for school supplies. I made a list yesterday. Hopefully my organization skills are still alive and I can find it. Waiiittt… Where is it? It’s supposed to be on my desk… NEVER MIND. FOUND IT. Alright!!! Off to a GREAT start. I can’t wait until school starts. (notice how there is a period instead of an exclamation mark. so much enthusiasm.)

Anyways, hopefully you are more energetic than me and alive and stuff. I’m gonna get going. Until next time!!

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