I’ve been planning for the past year to post some creative material, however, I ended up making this into some very vague journal for the world to see. But I do have some incomplete work in my drafts and in my random folder with drawings and writing in them. But I really don’t like posting them out… and they are not even done. Or properly developed.

School is a thing. Yeah. I got my marks for English, Socials, French, and… that’s it. Well, those are most of my Day Two classes. There is lots of work to do. And more work to come; I can’t wait for Spring Break. I need a break. I get to skip Friday because I have to go to the Provincials… It goes all the way until the evening. And there is a second part on Saturday. I’m not complaining.

I have been listening to lots of weird OST. I mean, it depends on the actual series right… If the song reminds me of the series, then I think it works. Idk… I think I have very little interest in anything my friends are interested in. Is that a little too mean? However, it is true. They have aspirations, places they want to be, things they want to do, things they will do, and paths to take. I (not a special snowflake) can’t seem to find anything to do with my future. There are so many possibilities.

Course Selection is almost complete, as the only other thing I need to do is enter it into the system. There are many people that say things like, “It’s easier to change things when you’re younger,” or, “It really determines your path later in life.” It kind of… intimidates me. In a way that makes me really stressed and nervous for no actual reason. Course Selection may not be the reason for that stressed feeling. Perhaps the fact that Term Two is ending and Term Three units are starting. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahgggggggg. I’m going to literally explode. Somehow. I’ll figure it out later. Anyway, will I scream internally, I will organize tomorrow’s materials. Goodnight! :))

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