Congrats! and Update

Heeeyyyy! I’m back. Yesterday was the last day of skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb! So, on the first day I was in Novice, and the other two weeks, I WAS IN INTERMEDIATE!! Yaay! At Whistler/Blackcomb, the levels are like this; the first level is Beginner, followed by (in order of skill) Novice, Intermediate, and lastly, Advanced. Novice and Intermediate are the longest levels to get past. So, next year, if I go, I would go to Intermediate. Congrats!

Also… did you realize we just went though the first month of 2015? BECAUSE I JUST DID! Why do I sound so enthusiastic? Well, actually, right now, I don’t look really enthusiastic. I probably have a poker face, I have earbuds in, and I’m just sitting there, typing. Not the most exciting way to be typing really happily. I don’t really show my expression to something when I am looking at the computer. Most of the time.
Anyways, congrats, you survived.

I’m definitely not going to survive February. Why? On the second of February, I have to go to the dentist, to get fill in my cavities. Don’t worry, I only have two to fill on that day. … I didn’t think you’d care! jkjk.

Anyways, I’ll just go freak out in this tiny corner off to this side… I’ll get going. Bye!

I get to go skiing tomorrow!

I guess skiing counts as a sport. Actually it is! Because it’s in the Olympics. Ahahahhaa. I had forgotten about it being a sport, but then again, since wasn’t it a sport? Well, probably when it was first introduced to human beings.
Anyways, this a school trip to Whistler Blackcomb. The intermidiate students get to go on every Friday for three weeks, staring tomorrow. We’re supposed to be at the school and loading into the bus as early as 5:45 am!! Which means I should get up at 5:00am. Oooooooooh daaaaaaaaaamn. Ooooooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaan. Whatever. I won’t be alone at least. You know how much I hate being alone. I DO like being babied by my friends. But, the bad part is that next week I have to sit alone due to my friend is sitting with my other friend that week, because there are 3 of us friends, and 2 kids per 2 seats. Ehehehe.
So, uh. I’ll have to get going on my homework, got lots more time on the bus too, but I gotta finish my math before!! I can write my novel on the bus because it is more boring. No offence, teach.

intense working

Hi. I’m back. “intense working’ because that is what I have been doing for the past 2 hours and probably counting. I’ve been working on my story for school, and I have only written about 4 full pages and is currently on my fifth page today. but I have a total of 7 pages. I am on part 6-7 of my story.
It has been a pretty good day so far with my brother giving me the little feelings of wanting to squish his super chubby cheeks, and cuteness. Also my sister was in a good mood today, so she decided to give me some music. Ohhhh yaaaaaasss! eheheheheh.
Also, I’m still superbly confused. Not just about those once a month emails, but about work, dentists, and eye doctors. Does that count as stress? I don’t really know.
Is it bad for me to be thinking about being almost 12 years old, and that at the end of this year I will have my grad hoodie thing? I feel old when I see my school website thing say stuff about Kindergarten Registration for children born in 2010. Ahahahaaa. I feel like I haven’t done anything useful when I realize I have listened to Kpop for the past 20 minutes, and anime music for the first 2 and a half hours. But I have been typing and writing my novel thing in that time period. I just don’t realize that I have done that until I actually think about it and make myself believe that. It sounds deep but it actually isn’t. I’m not that actually smart. Ahahahahah. I believe I should get back to work now, so, uh, adios! See ya sometime soon, hopefully!!

Uh oh.

Uh oh IS RIGHT! School is starting the day after tomorrow, and at school I have to start my speech, YET I HAVEN’T CHOSE A TOPIC IN THE CATEGORY! Damn. So far I have crossed out 5 of 6 ideas. And that one that is left is discrimination/prejudice. I’m currently thinking of my seventh and possibly a eighth. GIMME IDEAS AND POSSIBLY INSPIRATION!!!

Anyways, I am pretty behind. Even though I had 2 whole weeks to figure it out, I was too busy either worrying about other things or being busy PHYSICALLY. Maybe inspiration will come if I reread my old posts and the good and bad things that had happened. Eh.

Maybe if I listen to more music. Different types of music. Different meanings behind the lyrics that I might understand. Ehehheheh. I don’t understand too much. JKJK, maybe. ARGGHHHH!

A speech is at least 5 paragraphs, so I better get started with a topic!! So, uh, BYEEE!! See ya!

OMG, it’s 2015, and I’m stuck.

Hello. I’m stuck with my homework and a messed up schedule. And my brain is as messed up as the schedule. I can’t process info about 2015. So, don’t tell me that I am going to graduate next year. Yes, I am still a bit scared of change. But, it’s okay, I get to be in the school as my sister again! Eheheheh.
Anyways, I am pretty busy. If you want to call entertaining guests and trying not to act awkward, watching Sports Danshii 2014 that my sister found for me, my homework from school (story writing- fiction), and keeping my brother entertained, busy, then okay!
So, uh, I’ll get working on my story… because if I don’t finish today, my mom will get mad at me, BUT IT’S A GODDAMN STORY, STORIES ARE LONG!!! Okay. Seeya/Adieu!

2015 New Year’s Resolutions! (some of them…)

Happy New Year! Congratulations everyone whom survived 2014! I shall now present you some… things in which I think I need improvement in. Have fun… ehe.

1. Have more… confidence in myself. (nervously laughs…)
2. Be more… elegant/glori(a)ous.
3. Try to be nicer and… more appreciative.
4.  Try to type without looking at the keyboard (I’m doing that right now…)
5. Be more alert with surroundings. (I suck at reading situations… hehe.)
6. Stop bothering Gabriel so much.
7. Understand when Grace is mad at me… (Ain’t that right???)
8. Keep improving my mathematical skills. (uhhh.)
9. Keep improving my Shanghainese. (…yeeaaahh…)
10. Pay attention when needed.
11. Work on my writing… (Speech contest this year… EHHH?? JK, but I’m somewhat scared. ehehee.)
12. Keep my eyesight the same. (Not any worse this time!!)
13. … Get passing grades in term one grade seven. (Grade Seven in September!!!)
14. Improve temper. (Once again. I can’t toss around people that ‘like’ me.)
15. Stop procrastinating so much. (It’s okay occasionally…)

15 whole resolutions this year!!! Ehehehe. The fifteenth one… I’m not sure I agree… But it’s okay for a little change this year. A change, small or large, it’s the same. Was that deep? No? I thought not. Ehehee.
Next year I will graduate to secondary school. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh well.
Anyways, I really hope this year will be better than last year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, and let’s hope there won’t be any more plane disasters this year. Adieu~!