vacances d’été (2015)

Hey there! School’s out and life is at ease. Not really. But kind of. In a couple of days I’m leaving. To the overseas of the world! Okay, so two days ago was the last hour and a half of school and there was a clip featuring the next year’s grade sevens aka me. There was a picture of me playing ping pong in there. And the pictures were kind of funny. Then there was the baby pictures for the graduating class of 2015. But yo, next year I’ll be in grade seven!!!!

Well, I have other things to accomplish, so, until next time!


Today was the Awards Assembly for grades 4-7. I, in total achieved 5 awards: Academic, Effort, Service, Patrol, and Track. To achieve the Academic Award you need to get straight A’s or one B on your report card. To achieve the Effort Award, you need to get all G’s on your report card. To achieve the Service Award you need to be a lunch, paper, computer monitor. For the  Patrol Award you need to be on safety patrol. For The Track Award, you have to join track and show up to practices and go to the track meets. My friends got more awards than me because they want to be more involved, unlike me.
Go me!

grade seven?? (talent show.)

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is the last full day of school as a grade six. Dayum.
Today was the school’s talent show, and as a bunch of us predicted, it was 90% pianists, and 10% whomever-has-something-else-to-show-us. The only person doing the talent show from my class was a pianist. The only thing interesting was the comedy show by two first graders. Goodness, they were cute, and made a lot of puns. This other performance was this kindergarten boy who was overwhelmed at first, but managed to do it; he did a dance to Uptown Funk. DAYUM! He’s cute. He dances like he owns the place. Yet he’s so cute.
My neighbour who also goes to my school did a piano performance, and my friend, who knows how to play the piano, said that my neighbour plays better piano than her. Ahahaha. I can’t do any of that. WHATEVER.

Well, Until next time… I might just be in grade seven…

how about no?

Heey. I’m back. It has been two days. Alright-y then. For high schoolers, it’s summer vacation, but for elementary students, there is still four more dreadful days of school. But these days are not filled with work for grade sixes and sevens! We have to pack up our stuff on Monday, take ’em home, and the rest of the week is filled with events, things that only require a pencil, and PE. That’s sounds like a plan.

Anyways. I’m going overseas next month!! For the first time in… 6 years? Yeah. I’m gonna go over a sea or an ocean. Maybe more than one. China, to visit family. It’s gonna be awkward-ish, since I haven’t seen them in a long time, and they probably only remember me from my baby-hood, and possibly from pictures. I also might get a haircut. Maybe not to short, but definitely to thin it out. Hair talk. Dayum.

Well, I have other thing to attend to. See ya!

Playland/PNE… oops.

I went today!! I went onto a lot of the rides, and didn’t feel so sick after any of them! Since it was a day at Playland for schools, I saw a bunch of my old classmates from my previous school. I told one of them that it was me, and he was… surprised, and awkward. Then, a bunch of them walked right past me, which meant, I am recognizable.

To the rides! We went on the musical ride. It was one of the fast rides but short rides, and my friends forced me to the outside part. So, I ended up having about 130 pounds pressing against my ribs. A wonderful feeling, I assure you.
My favourite ride… The log ride. It was basically water slides, except the part that people get worried about is the speed and water that splashes out.
The ride that I didn’t go on and looked scary was a ride called ‘the Beast’ and it swings like the Pirate Ship ride, but it also spins a lot, and swings as high as a obtuse angle!!! M’lordy.

On the way back, the car I was on broke down. We had to push the car into a parking lot slot. And then we got yelled at by some creepy Italian dude. At the end we were picked up by the driver’s wife. We ended up being pretty late. I think pushing a car is fun. It should be a sport!

Well, I also get to go next year as well. Because, I am in a Gr. 6/7 class, that means the whole class goes, but it points mostly for the grade sevens. SO. I get to go next year too!
I’m gonna get going now! Until next time…

oh dear. what?

OMG. It is almost Father’s DAY!! I haven’t done anything yet, but, I promise, I will. By the end of the week. YAY! Okay, so tomorrow my class is going to the PNE/Playland. Along with the other English 6/7 class. I am trying to save energy to go crazy tomorrow. JKJK, but my friend is half-forcing me to go on roller coasters with her. Oh well, I never actually went on a hardcore roller coaster. But my friends (the ones that would be in my group) have agreed to go on all the baby rides. GOOO BABY RIDES! Okay, I’m gonna go now.
Until next time, you guys!

what happened…?

All the grade sevens changed into stupid people who go for the other gender. As a human being a year younger than they are, I don’t understand. Does only one year change the way you see your classmates/people-you-might-see-out-there? I don’t understand. When will I understand anything? I can’t do anything useful. I can’t even talk. I can;t even think. I can’t even stay out of trouble. What frickin’ use am I for? I give up. I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Shut up.

Floral Print

The smell of the freshly cut grass fills the humid summer air around this single dome.
This dome holds special flowers.
Each flower,
unique as to the other.
So why are there so many that dominate the other?

There are bees waiting for the sweet scent of the pollen; waiting for the nectar to be produced. People walk by as the bees work frantically, covering their faces. Why? The pollen released float around in the air, but some humans don’t want to inhale it. Allergic reactions prevent them to enjoy this luscious aroma. So why, why is this happening?

So how are these things working for you? Flowers don’t bother you. Bees don’t seem to notice you. Your allergies haven’t been acting up, have they? Are you worried? I’m doing fine. Just here by my lonesome. In this… isolated building. Don’t mind me. Forget about me. As you always do.

This summer will… be great. Don’t worry about anything. Everything will be resolved in a blink of an eye. You won’t have to do anything. Just… don’t come look for me. I’m happy, so you should too. There are flowers. Flowers everywhere I stop by. Lavender, lime, blue, all sorts. I wish you could see it. But if you were to see it, you… I… no. If you were to see it, it would be the last thing you would see. No. I can’t have you like this. We have to stop it. Stop this.

I’ll be gone for a while, so forget about this. I might be back one day.

See you then.

You need to know why things are happening like this. Every time I leave, you forget me. And every time you see me, you remember me. Things don’t work like this. I wish things could go back to how they were… but you can’t. I could, but I wouldn’t be able to bring you. But I want you to be able to see me in action… Proving to you my powers. I can rewind. But I bring anyone with me. No one knows. No one believes.

I sent you a package. Do you know it was from me? Do you know? It had a hand-made table-cloth in it. It had your favourite flowers on it. Do you like it? It’s…

Floral Print.


It has really been a long time since I went to a dinner party or a birthday party of some kind… Not that I want to go to one, because I don’t like going to places with lots of people… Yeah. But my friends always describe the parties they go to as enjoyable, and they are actually converse with people normally. I can’t talk normally. Especially if people ask me to Office Monitor. I can’t go on announcements. I can’t even talk to people I actually don’t know properly, or have only talked to several times. That was a problem, and I know the conclusion. I CAN’T TALK. I SHOULDN’T TALK. jkjk. I actually talk a lot. But not to other people. Just the same people over and over again.

I have lots of problems. Eh, I’m gonna do other things now. Like read and do homework. See ya next post!

Truth or Dare (Dare or Double Dare?)

WTH??? It’s this really stupid thing at school that the other 6/7 class is doing and somehow, my oblivious class has gotten mixed into it. During the breaks, they ask people ‘DARE OR DOUBLE DARE?’, and dare, is the normal dare, and the double dare, is you have to choose between two options. I personally like doing dares, but this is really stupid. They are making our school seem like one of those stereotypical American middle schools. But no, it is a Canadian elementary school. I don’t know where they got the idea, but it has made all the stupid people join in.

I actually was avoiding that crowd for a bit, and then a random person asked me ‘dare or double dare’, man, I didn’t even know what double dare even meant. EHEH.

Whatever. They’re really lame. I’m gonna go now. See ya!