windy days

SO. If you live in the Lower Mainland area in Canada, you will most likely have seen the massive trees that have fallen over. And the power outages… That means you can’t really do anything other than your perfectly charged devices with games that don’t require wifi. Yaay. OOOOOOH. I heard and saw pictures of a tree that had fallen over on to a playground at my school, destroying the playground. Well, a part of it… That same day (yesterday), I went to my ping pong class and I got 2nd place in the Junior Class Tournament. Yaaay!! It has a bunch of stars on it. Four to be precise.

AAAHHH!! School start in 8 days. And. That’s bad. Because it’s grade seven. And people (aka teachers) expect many things from you. AKA maturity, common sense (not at all that common), being organized (and keeping it that way), setting an example. WONDERFUL. I will succeed none of that. Not exactly mature. Common sense??? I don’t even know how that works (aka people tell me I am dense; ’tis true! I don’t notice my surroundings very often)… I am good at organizing things, but I get lazy, and I can’t keep it looking beautiful. I am not good at setting any sort of example… Even if I have a little brother and an older sister to learn from. Different personalities…? I dunno.

It seems that lunch is coming. If you’ll excuse me. Adiooooooooos~!

my brother: the hammer

SO. My brother has this baby toy that he is very curious about. He wants to figure out what is inside of it, but he can’t open it. You’re not really supposed to open it, since it is a baby toy with a bell in it. But he is bashing it around trying to open it. He just hit Grace. And he thinks that the only way to open it is to use a knife. And he is moping about how he can’t open it. AAAAAAAND. He just cried over it and threw it at the swing thing we have. AHahahaha. Patience is key, m’dear.

Anyways. School is JUST AROUND THE CORNER. HAPPINESS IS FILLING MY BRAIN MY THE SECOND. Wonderful. Well, I must organize more things and do things. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!

i’m perfect

I’m wonderful. I wonder how I did that. Most of the recent posts have been rants and spam. And me stories have been pushed back. I have no motivation to write anymore! I want to write this oneshot, but I have no motivation and idea. I need to go to school and then I’ll have ideas and motivation. School at least makes me accomplish something. I guess that makes me feel useful. YEAH!!!

Ah. I just forgot what I was about to do. I think… Whaa..? My memory is failing meeeee. I sound old. AAAAAAHHHHHHH. School starts in 15 days!! 2 weeks!! I’m gonna be in grade seven. But, the first day of school is only 1 hour long. So does that even count as a DAY? The very next day would be the first FULL DAY of school. In which your previous teacher will tell you what to do for the week. And either on Thursday, Friday, or Monday of the next week, they will tell you your teacher for the YEAR. Elementary man. EHEHEH.

Why am I still talking like school is a big deal? I’ve been going to school for almost 8 YEARS!! Woah. I started school in… 2008… YEAH. WOAH. 2008 is a long time ago. WOah. I feel like I was in kindergarten just a while ago. I admit it. A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED. I moved to a new school 4 years ago. I still feel like I’m being treated like a new student. Or I should be. I remember the first day of kindergarten. I had a FRIEND. It was a guy friend. He’s not my friend anymore. Well, a. he went to another city b. we both moved to different schools c. our older sisters are weird friends (?) and d. we don’t talk when we come over to each other’s houses. Things get WEIRD when you get older.

Okaaay. This post was not supposed to look this long at all. Whoops. I will try to get my brain down to normal… Yeah. So, I’ll get going. Until next time!!


I. Have writer’s block. Well, a more complicated version of it. It always happens to me. I wrote the Thin Ice case thing story right? About a detective pair. So, my kind of writer’s block is when you look at the story and then you’re not motivated to write more. It’s like I can’t and don’t. It’s like I’m no longer interested in writing that… story. I think right now I like to rant about things and then regret them later. And rant about things I don’t actually mean or think about. Strange.

I have new school supplies. I think I should organize those. But I don’t want to get up form my spot at the desk. Well. I am getting a lot of things done!
OOOOOHHHH. My mom bought me this big book of ‘grade 6 stuff you should learn within the year’ last year in the summer before grade 6. I… haven’t finished it. And there are 2 weeks and a half left until grade 7. Good. Accomplishing things!

Hopefully you are more… organized and prepared than me. I can’t and I am lazy. VERY GOOD. Okay. I need to go. Church later. I should clean up. Yup. Yeahh. BYE. Until I accomplish something!! ADIOS~!

Back to School! don’t remind me.

Can’t I just… SLEEP? No. Apparently my jet lag still exists. I woke up at five. And proceeded to get up at eight. Yes, I lied around in bed for 3 hours thinking ‘it’s too early to get up. I can’t fall back asleep. Let’s stare at my watch.’ But then I got REALLY HUNGRY. And got up. Now, we are planning for lunch. YAY!

Today we plan on shopping for school supplies. I made a list yesterday. Hopefully my organization skills are still alive and I can find it. Waiiittt… Where is it? It’s supposed to be on my desk… NEVER MIND. FOUND IT. Alright!!! Off to a GREAT start. I can’t wait until school starts. (notice how there is a period instead of an exclamation mark. so much enthusiasm.)

Anyways, hopefully you are more energetic than me and alive and stuff. I’m gonna get going. Until next time!!

was it always that way?

I keep thinking about it. JUST KIDDING. It’s not important at all. I just realized that a kid’s life is all about school and living up to other people’s expectations. Well, I didn’t just realize that. I had already thought about it for a while, but I didn’t think I needed to put my thoughts on a blog. I still don’t think I need to. I know that even if I put something on my blog about the way I think of something, I will be judged awkwardly anyways. Anything anyone does, always gets judged. Can’t we ever have a place where anyone can do whatever they want (except robbing and other crimes) without being told they are wrong (all the goddamn time)? I know that is also wrong.

Writing this makes me feel gross. It makes me feel as if I’m trying hard for attention and it makes me feel like a try-hard. I actually don’t know if I am or not. All I know is that I am a gross human being to some people. And I see some people as gross people. What do I care. See? I care too much.

I think I’m bored and hungry and writing this because I am. Ahhhhh. I need lunch. Until next time!!

good idea, Gloria

How much sarcasm do you sense in the title? A lot!! Good job. Okay. I just got a bunch of songs. Mostly Bigbang/Kpop. Some songs are as old as… Last Farewell? Beautiful Hangover? Dayum. Forgot completely how much I liked those songs. I also forgot that Beautiful Hangover was Japanese when I reheard it. But now, I also have ‘E’ from MADE. ‘ZUTTER’ has a lot of English mixed in. I like them too much!!!

NOOOO! Noooo. Noooooooo. School starts in less than a full month. September 8th. Noooooo. That means Grade Seven. I ain’t going near any of that stuff. Nooooooooo.
I like how most of this paragraph consists of the letter ‘o’.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay. My GREAT idea? Huh? No. I didn’t have one. I only made it a title because I am starting to use up a lot of common update style type of title. For example, “I’m back!”, or “It’s been a long time!”. Somewhere along those lines. I could also use one of my bad jokes that are either too corny, puns, wordplay, or… just plain stupid ideas summarized into two or three words. Yay! Now that’s my good idea! Summarizing my bad ideas into 2 or 3 words to create a title for my update style posts. Yup!

Well, I need to go have some lunch! Until when I have time for another post!!

lightning and thunder

Hello! I’m back!! I’m home. I came home yesterday, and was extremely tired for the entire day, due to jet lag. YIPPEE!! Okay, so the moment I got home (took a large taxi, dayum, BUT, I was thrown in the back with luggage..) I took a shower, ate some instant noodles (nothing left in fridge…), checked stuff on the computer and tablet, AND THEEEENN, I SLEPT. For three hours. Man, Jet lag really does us in, hey?

Well, I plan on sleeping nonstop for another… 3 or 4 days. That plan has been finalized. You can’t make me change my mind.

In Shanghai, there were a bunch of thunderstorms. If you know me, I am scared of loud sounds! And also, sometimes you can actually hear the wind howling! That sound is followed with a house creaking sound. Trust me, you will feel very safe.
One thing that is very convenient, is KTV’s!! My cousins took my sister and I out twice. I think the main thing there is watching the people with you, fail at singing.

Okay, I gotta go! Until AFTER jet lag…