20 or 7 More Days

20 more days until my birthday! 7 more days until individual student picture day! I don’t why, but that is slightly important. I think the possibility of me looking better than last year… is 100%. I should work on a better smile. Agghh. How? Looking at myself in the mirror at night and work on one. How can I make my smile seem real-ish?

Anyways, my birthday… What should I do? What do I want? Well, I do know what I want. But it’s impossible to get it anyways. Yeah, THAT SUCKS. I should think of something I can actually get. Normally, when we’re shopping for birthday gifts, I would worry about stuff like ‘doesn’t it cost too much?’ or, ‘that costs waaaaay too much.’. I’m almost 10, and I’m worrying about that types of things? I don’t even know how to manage a bank account or even pay fees, but that’s only normal. I shouldn’t even know how. And I don’t. That’s good. A sign that I am NORMAL!

*Sighs* I should do something other than the same things over and over again. Like listening to music, reading, typing, watching videos, or looking at pictures. And the videos, I normally watch music videos, or these interesting videos my grandpa sends my sister, mom, and I.

My brother will be 30 months old next month. I’ll be ten next month. My sister will probably still sick next month. And I will too. A sign that I am NORMAL!: I wonder why I could even be normal. That fact just… AMAZES me. But, one-third of me will be not normal, I think.

I suck at Grade Five math. *pouts* Let’s just math I am currently doing, is not as easy as I thought, and is SLIGHTLY tricky. There’s like two questions that have a,b,c and I got all six questions….WRONG! Happy happy!

I have to go help my parents with dinner now, so see you soon!


Hey. To start off, did you notice that I have been REALLY bored? Well, I have, so don’t worry. Well, wanna get started? I do, so I will do so! P.S. This helps me be more entertained. See ya!

What is boredom? Feels like time is dragged on for a really long. Also seems like writer’s block except you are empty and have absolutely nothing to do. That is what I think boredom is.

If boredom was an object, I would say… it would be air. His/her boringness.

Boring is actually one WHOLE different thing. Say, ‘The teacher was saying stuff about boring maps of Canada and famous voyagers of Canada, which was boring.’ It basically means something that the person already knows and/or doesn’t want to do, and bores the person.

I don’t really know much other than those things to discuss things like that. That is how I feel like when I, myself, am bored. So, adieu~!

Update: Me!

Yo. Uh, Story Reason, I deleted Playing Around, because, uh, I WANTED TO. Yeah, it’s going to be some sort of MYSTERY. *thumbs up* Yep.
And, um, so far, the Grade Five math is not too hard. Patterns. Like Pattern rule, and all that jazz. All the figuring out the pattern rule from only 4 or 5 or 6 numbers. And some of the patterns don’t really make sense to me. Eh…
Ain’t this post full of random topics? Listening to this K-Pop song my sister showed. We’re not really into Korean stuff, more into C-Pop (?(Mostly Jay Chou)), and J-Pop (Or maybe just PoT covers and actual original songs.)

I’m thinking about a new topic to make another list. Argh. Nothing so far. Great right? I think I’ll write another separate post about boredom. Ja ne!


So, Teni-what is like, Tenipuri and Tenimyu. I like to watch Tenipuri, and read Tenipuri. Tenimyu is the musical of Tenipuri. Tenipuri is the nickname in Japanese for the Prince of Tennis. and I’m currently listening to a playlist of Tenimyu songs. I can do anything listening to Tenimyu. I can’t tell whether or not I like Tenimyu more than Tenipuri. I really don’t know. Ahhhhhh. If you ask, I wouldn’t answer.

I realize that the Family category is the least used category. Weird? I think so.
I’ll start on Playing Around Chapter 3 soon. So, I’ll get working!

Bye! I’ll be back soon!


Why is the moon so high above the sky?
Must be autumn.
Puffs of air blow out of my mouth, from under my scarf.
Does it come out?
It’s dark and late, and I, am alone tonight.
How am I supposed to go back?
Through the darkness, there is no way
for me.
So,It will all fade away.
Nobody will know.
Because I will be alone.
When I disappear.

Hi. I’m bored. I just did this so don’t mind me. It’s almost 9:40pm. So, I’ll go. Wow, 3 posts in one day? I must be really bored today. Anyways, good night!

Pop art

Andy Warhol is weird. Having 24(?) cats all named Sam. Okay, so, my class will be doing pop art for art and the object/art has to be well-known. My sister did pop art when she was in my teacher’s class, and it was Angry Bird’s Pig King. What should I do? Oh, and you’re supposed to draw it, not print it. Sucks if you have to draw it. Then the teacher photocopies it it 3 more times. Arrgh. Ideas? Please?

Anyways, My sister’s pop art actually came out pretty good. It somehow looked official. This post will be short because my fingers are getting cold from typing Playing Around ~ 2 for 2 hours.

Listening to Jay Chou’s album Exclamation Mark, Mine Mine reminds me of when Grace and I were like spazzing over him, and his songs, always looking for more of his songs, new and old. Well, I think I’ll get going. Woah. The post ended up sort of long. Whatever.
I’ll say bye. Ja ne!

DAAAAAAAAAAAANCING – An Entertaining Experience

Hi. Hip Hop, was…. PURE HILARIOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!! OMG, the dance went perfect, not much wrong, then the Hip Hop instructor forgot the group that I was in, and we did the dance we were supposed to do, at the end. For, the whole-school one, there was a Hip Hop dancing group, that were in a dance competition, that got 2nd place out of the world, came to our school, and did a dance with the teachers, and they did the famous-ish GANGNAM STYLE! Priceless. I laughed so hard, TEARS came! The song was some song from TRANSFORMERS.

I actually enjoyed it. The other grade five class that was not in the same dance as us, had a REALLY HILARIOUS AND NOT REALLY APPROPRIATE DANCE, and it was hilarious too.  So, I’ll be moving on. (smiles, flails arms around)

More on Hip-Hop

Hip hop performance tomorrow. Arrrgh. Dress rehearsal early morn tomorrow. Great, right? The days are soooooooooo fast. Meeehh. My performance is the first PERFORMANCE. Blargh.  My dance, as I’ve been saying in my other recent posts, is really fast-ish. And, I think we, YEAH. We are supposed to wear SEIGAKU colours!!!!!! Which are blue, red, white, and black. You can also wear grey. Instead of black. But, whatever, I LIKE BLACK. MORE THAN GREY.

OMG. Kuma, so pretty!!! Okay, never mind that. Oh, dear. My sister and cousin is coming to watch, and they are lucky because they have Pro-D day. Oh, I have to go now. BYE!!!!!


Great. Dancing is GREAT. My dance is like sooo freakishly fast. Got to have it perfected by Friday at 1:15. By then, EVERYTHING WILL BE STARTING. It’s like, OH MY GOSH! If I’m sassy, which I’m CERTAINLY NOT. You get my point right? Good. It’s like, WHY?! JUST BECAUSE WE ARE IN GRADE 5/6, DOESN’T WE CAN DO EVERYTHING JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER OR SUPERBLY FASTER THAN THE GRADE 3 DANCE!!!! THE OTHER GRADE 5 CLASS HAS GRADE 4’S IN IT SO I’M GUESSING THEY GET IT EASIER. OH MY GOD, THAT’S LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOO UNFAIR. WHY AM I LIKE THIS? O LORD, WHY THE HECK DID I END UP LIKE THIS???? NOOOOOOO. The dance time and day is not so far from now. Always remember, I AM BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.  Gloria, BREATHE. Thank you.

Anyways. I have PREP. It’s Catholic classes from 7:00 pm to 8:00pm. It REALLY sucks. My two classmates also go to PREP. The boy, called Justin, is in my PREP class. The girl, Ellianna, is in the other class, B. I’m in class A like Justin. Ellianna is, somehow, in B. I wish she was in the same class as me to actually start/begin with. And I have to go very soon. So, I’ll just end it here, and when I come back, I’ll work on the incoming new series that I believe will be QUITE long. Like each chapter, is longer than this post by a little bit.
So, I’ll be going. Ja ne!

I have my reasons

Sooo. The reason why I type so many of the personal life posts, is because I’m currently typing another story with 2 slightly long chapters. I’m working on the second chapter. It’ll be posted in.. a couple days???? I don’t know.

School. I have school tomorrow. And my school is starting this every year thing called ‘Hip-hop’ and you dance. Obviously. And the classes have perform in front of parents and teachers. I think. I think the performance day is on the 20th of September 2013 (XDXD). My cousin, my sister, and my brother (who doesn’t go to school yet), want to go ( at least my sister wants to…) The thing is, that on the 20th, my sister and my cousin have a Pro-D Day, so they don’t have to go to school. I do. I don’t really care. WHY DON’T I CARE ABOUT SCHOOL? Well, because I am the one and only Gloria. Beat it.

Crrrap. I just felt like typing that, so don’t ask me. I just realized (Yes, I realize a lot of stuff these days) that in my book reports section, I only have one post on like this weird story. I still don’t understand book reports.

My mom says I need to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. She says I type fast even though I need to (I don’t really NEED) type without looking at the keyboard. Blehg. I don’t care anymorrre.

I’ll just continue listening to beautiful Prince of Tennis songs. Ja na!